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We help projects to create communities, keep them updated and create utilities to keep them engaged

Easy Discovery

Easily discover current and upcoming projects

No Code Utilities

Enrich the Post-Mint NFTs experience with our no-code tools.

Target the right audience

We help you to reach the right audience with our tools

Easy Discovery

List Product, Service and Ideas for easy Discovery!

One of the kind discovery platform where Web3.0 community members can find products, services and ideas, participate in discussions and help curate the best ones for the new community members.

No Code Tools

Create Utilities without any Coding Hassle!

Enrich the post-mint NFTs experiences for your community. Reward your premium collectors with additional NFTs, vIRLs, promo codes, early member sale links, events, and a lot more. Pick any Utility from our Utility template - fill in the description and share the link. Waxzilla takes care of the rest.

Easy Targeting

Reach the right audience!

Segmentation enables making Utility claims exclusive to the right holders. Segment audience based on collections, templates, schemas, time of holding, and number of NFTs! We will add a lot of other attributes with time.

Track Everything

Manage the claims!

Giving away free Swags as a token of appreciation to your loyal community members, but managing the process is messy? Not anymore, Waxzilla provides a complete solution to help you track who has claimed, what orders you have completed, and what are yet to be processed. All from one place!

Easy Rewarding

Community Rewards

Finding it difficult to grow your community? We give points for every action any verified community member has performed on Waxzilla. Rewarding the most active community members not only incentivizes them for their time but also helps you grow your community with a shout-out on social media.

Measure And Analyze


Be it product views, upvotes, engagement on campaigns, rewards, or utilities, our analytics tools help you discover where your right audience is. Stats related to the time zone you are getting maximum attention to what percentage of Utility community members claimed, we cover it all!

Bots Stay Away

No Bots

Not just to Elon, bots are pain for the entire Web3 space. Waxzilla leverages Waxzilla Passes and smart contract to keep the bots at bay from the claim process. We will keep on leveling up community and segment them based on their commitment to Antelope Blockchains.

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